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Vivino’s wine scan data: The usefulness of where and what

January 27, 2019

The Vivino app has lots of interesting data that would be useful to wine brands and analysts of a variety of sectors. I want to give one example in this post here: where people are scanning wines. Without metadata, where people are scanning wines isn’t that interesting. With metadata, however, you can compare and contrast categories of scans.

Vivino has lots of metadata on wines, for example: the winery of the wine, grapes, region of the wine, country of origin of the wine, and average price.

If an association like Wines of Argentina wanted to know what counties in the United States consumed a low and high percentage of Argentine wines, Vivino has that data. They could then decide what counties to target and how to approach them.

Price data might be an even more interesting use case. Here is a GIF of Mexico City, switching between over €100 wine scans, and under €20 wine scans:

You can see the expensive scans are happening in the neighborhoods of Polanco and Lomas, and the lower value scans are trending more in the neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma. While neither is that surprising for those who are familiar with Mexico City, this kind of dataset could be useful to multinational companies just entering Mexico City looking for a quick crash course on where the action is for their kind of wine.

This could be even more useful for wine companies looking for an international strategy to sell their wines. With its global user base, Vivino knows exactly where scans are happening for what kind of wines, in just about every city in the world.